Results Log

Here at Serving Up Clutch – the tennis team believe in being transparent with our results no matter the level of success.

This way you know what you’re getting if you choose to follow our tips, and can more easily turn a profit when looking for that elusive value on the tennis betting markets.

Our results log (kept as up to date as possible) can be found below. Overall podcast profit/loss is determined by the cumulative ‘Tipsipas’ of the week results (as also outlined in depth on the Clutch Tennis Podcast), daily tweets/articles and any other selections made during our podcast:

WeekCharlie’s ‘Tipsipas’ of the WeekLuke’s ‘Tipsipas’ of the WeekJack’s ‘Tipsipas’ of the WeekOverall Podcast Profit/Loss
03/01/2022Alex Bolt (-3.5 games)
Mackenzie McDonald (-2.5 games)
WIN +1
Alex Bolt (-3.5 games)
+6.15 Units
TOTALS-1 Unit+1 Unit-1 Unit+6.15 Units